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Supporting adult and family literacy in the United States by fostering new and promoting existing adult literacy and educational programs.

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Imagine not being able to complete a job application, decipher a medicine label or read a story to your children. As hard as that may be to envision, the sad truth is that about 44 million adults in the United States (almost one-quarter of the adult population) possess literacy skills defined as "Level 1," meaning that the above-mentioned tasks are beyond their abilities. More than 60 percent of those individuals did not finish high school.

Another 45-50 million people (25-28 percent of the adult population) described as "Level 2" can perform tasks such as comparing, contrasting or integrating basic information, but lack higher-level reading and problem-solving skills.

Thus, one-half of the adult population in the United States can be described as “literacy challenged.” The negative impact to us as a nation is undeniable. There is a direct link between low literacy skills and poverty, high-risk births and increased healthcare costs, drug addiction and crime. While the number of adults seeking literacy assistance grows annually, government funding for such programs remains very low.

There are numerous ways to become involved with helping the fight against illiteracy. Volunteering is a great way to make a difference. There are organizations through which individuals and corporations can become involved with literacy, whether it's one-on-one tutoring, teaching or other volunteer opportunities. Visit "Involvement" for more information.

Another important way to becoming involved in the struggle for literacy is through donations to the Wish You Well Foundation®. Combining the gifts from individuals and corporations with the Wish You Well Foundation can make a significant impact. For more information about donations, visit "Corporate Giving and Individual Giving."


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