Wish You Well Foundation

Supporting adult and family literacy in the United States by fostering new and promoting existing adult literacy and educational programs.

Message from Founders

Dear Friends,

Imagine your daily life, the information you process, the decisions you make based on that process and the actions you take based upon your decisions. Now imagine doing all these things while either being unable to read or reading at a below-average level. Well, you've successfully imagined the daily lives of nearly 100 million people, half the adult population of the United States. A country that was founded on the principles of free speech, free press, and the freedom of religion — all rights tied inexorably to words — is fast becoming an illiterate nation. The ability to read is the foundation for everyday life. Indeed, virtually none of the major issues we face as a nation today can be successfully overcome until we eradicate illiteracy. That’s why we created the Wish You Well Foundation®. Please join us in this effort.


Michelle and David Baldacci